Prof. Giray Okten

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Week 3 - Problem 1

The sum of the numbers in each ring below should be 55. What is the value of A?

A) 9 B) 10 C) 13 D) 16 E) 17


  1. this is easy. you just add up all the numbers in ring 2 exept B and subract that number from 55. then you know B equals 8. then you add all the numbers in ring a, plus 8, for B, and then you subtract that from 55, which equals 10, so thats the answer.

  2. A=10, B=8, So the anwser is B.

  3. It has to be B since the bottom ring sum without b is 47 so b is 8 and then, in the top ring, the sum is 45 without A so the answer is 20 because of 55-45