Prof. Giray Okten

Monday, February 16, 2009

Week 2 - Problem 3

What is the 2007th letter in the sequence KANGAROOKANGAROOKANG… ?

A) K 

B) A 

C) N 

D) R 

E) O


  1. It's (E), the letter O. K1 A2 N3 G4 A5 R6 O7 O8. The pattern is 8 letters long, so 2000 is divisible by 8, K is the 2001st letter and O becomes the 2007th letter.

  2. 2007/8 (8 = number of letters), we get 250-R7, the seventh letter is O, so the answer is O (E)

  3. It is E (O) since 2007/8 is 250R7 and the seventh letter of kangaroo is o.